Portal Knights Update Adds Controller Support and Much More!


Portal Knights Update Adds Controller Support and Much More!

CALABASAS, Calif. — May 31, 2016505 Games and developer Keen Games today launched a new update for action-adventure RPG sandbox game Portal Knights. Gamers who are part of the title’s Early Access Program on Steam today received a new update which includes the much requested community additions of controller support, the ability to enable and disable target locking, and much more.

The Portal Knights update also includes new events and abilities for players to explore:

  • Snow Storm on snow islands
  • Chest Hunt for spiders and turtles
  • Parrot and turtle invasions
  • A smaller version of a bigger boss, the Mini Hollow King now appears on random islands and drops tokens.
  • Walking plants
  • Warrior class upgrades

o   The War Leap ability to jump on enemies and stomp them down

o   Warrior shouts will pull down flying enemies for a short time, allowing players to take advantage

  • Carpet blocks available in several colors
  • New building materials
  • New additions to the classy furniture set
  • New “Crystal” weapons
  • New “Crystal” blocks available in various colors
  • Option to disable your helmet for players who want to show their haircut

You can download Portal Knights for $14.99 on Steam Early Access.

More information on Portal Knights can be found at the official web page: http://portalknights.com/

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