Portal Knights Massive Easter Update Now Available

Portal Knights Massive Easter Update Now Available


CALABASAS, Calif. — March 24, 2016 — As 505 Games’ sandbox action-adventure Portal Knights continues its surging Early Access Period on Steam, developer Keen Games is not keeping their eggs in one basket as they announced the first larger content update to the game that adds new blocks, items, fixes and a special Easter event that will run from today through April 10.

In this latest update, Keen Games has added a number of Easter Eggs – literally. Across the grass-themed realms of Portal Knights, Easter Eggs will spawn that players can destroy to obtain smaller eggs. These eggs can be used to craft a Golden Easter Egg trophy as an in-game achievement.

In addition to the ovate updates, the Easter event sees the introduction of six new sets of armor for low-level and end-game players.  Players now also have access to the hoe, which is used to transform dirt blocks into fertile soil, enabling plants to grow three times as fast.

Portal Knights Massive Easter Update Now Available

Other additions/tweaks to Portal Knights include:

  • New universes can now be renamed
  • Four new types of building blocks – Red Carpet, Red Stone Bricks, Refined Obsidian and Refined Anorthosite
  • A new furniture set – the ‘Classic’ set
  • A new enemy – the Mummy – can be found in the dungeons
  • Three new items can now be crafted: Mini Bomb, TNT and Explosive Bomb
  • Landing pads can be relocated with a crafted item
  • Hollow King boss fight is now more challenging
  • Armour/Weapon attributes have been tweaked

For the full notes on today’s update, please visit Steam. 

Portal Knights, 505 Games’ original 3D sandbox action-adventure role-playing game, allows players to craft, battle and build their own adventure in Portal Knights’ randomly generated worlds, encountering epic boss battles and enjoying up-to-four player cooperative multiplayer gameplay. A world full of magic, monsters and mystery awaits in dungeons and castles across more than 40 unique islands. Players can currently enjoy Portal Knights on Steam early access for $14.99.

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