Portal Knights Award-Winning RPG Arrives on Mobile Devices Today

Portal Knights Award-Winning RPG Arrives on Mobile Devices Today

Colorful, Award-Winning Sandbox Action RPG Arrives Today on iOS and Android

CALABASAS, Calif. – Dec. 6, 2017 – Portal Knights, the award-winning cooperative sandbox action-RPG developed by Keen Games and published by 505 Games, debuts globally today on mobile devices, as a digital download from the App Store and Google Play for $4.99 USD. Following a successful digital launch for Nintendo Switch in November, players on-the-go now have even more ways to leave the familiar world behind by diving into the imaginative and immersive Portal Knights on mobile.

“Players around the world have created countless unique adventures in Portal Knights since its launch earlier this year on PC and console, and because of their enthusiasm we wanted to make the fun even more accessible, first with our launch on Switch, and now with today’s mobile launch,” said Tim Woodley, SVP of global brand and marketing, 505 Games. “You can now truly access the imaginative world of Portal Knights no matter where you are.”

Offering players immediate access to the recently released Portal Knights v1.2 update, mobile players will be able to access brand new features and content including Vacant Islands, new boss quests and vanity items. Mobile Portal Knights players will also be treated to powerful new weapons, enemies and brand new in-game props and accessories such as Angel-Wing Ring, allowing players to jump higher when equipped and a Cat Paw Potion, which reduces fall damage when used.

Additional key features supported by Portal Knights on Mobile include:

  • Multiplayer: Supports up to 4-player cooperative local multiplayer when connected to the same WiFi, work together to explore dungeons, build structures and overcome the toughest of perils
  • Random Events: Adventure in an ever-changing landscape to complete new quests and earn exclusive items in new random events like Mummy Invasions and Stoneguardian Invasions
  • Epic Boss Battles: Face off against Portal Guardians solo or with friends on local multiplayer

“We’ve been so encouraged by the positive response to Portal Knights on PC and mobile that we wanted to give our fans even more ways to play, as well as making the action and adventure available to a wider audience,” Antony Christoulakis, Keen Games. “Our players have been instrumental in our journey every step of the way, from our days in Early Access all the way through today’s mobile launch, and we appreciate their support as we continue to expand the world of Portal Knights.”

In Portal Knights, players begin their journey as a Warrior, Mage or Ranger, then level up their character while gathering resources to craft powerful weapons, armor and spells to defeat formidable monsters and epic bosses in real-time combat. Players can work cooperatively with friends or family to build structures, explore dungeons and combine the unique attack styles of all classes to overcome challenging perils together while traveling between expansive, imaginative 3D worlds.

Portal Knights is available for purchase today for $4.99 for iOS and Android devices:

  • App Store (iOS 10.0+)
  • Google Play (Android OS 6.0+)

Portal Knights is also available for purchase on Steam for $19.99 and is also available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One for $29.99 at physical retail and $19.99 digitally.

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