Pool Nation FX Free-to-Play Lite Version Now Out on Steam

Pool Nation FX Free-to-Play Lite Version Now Out on Steam

Following 3 Million Downloads on Xbox One, Cherry Pop Games, Manchester UK Takes a New Stance on Free to Play with its Steam Launch

Manchester UKCherry Pop Games is proud to announce that Pool Nation FX Lite, a Free-to- Play title, is now available on Steam. The Free-to-Play version will include extensive online play, an offline practice mode, a Daily Bonus Match, Daily Trickshot Challenge, and full access to the customisable features including cues, balls, decals and locations, unlockable via earnable in game currency.

“We are very excited to have this opportunity to provide the Steam community a chance to play Pool Nation FX, opening up the world of online pool to a larger audience,” said Gemma Jessop, head of Gameplay Design and Marketing at Cherry Pop Games. “Digital Pool has an audience of both casual gamers and pool fanatics – on the one hand, Pool Nation FX is a serious pool sim and on the other, it’s a more casual experience, providing the ability to become a pool king without the need to have ever picked up a cue. In short, Pool Nation FX is serious fun whatever your billiards background!”

Cherry Pop Games can confirm that the F2P version will benefit from all future updates working seamlessly alongside the full version, keeping players in sync with everyone else when playing online.

Making the decision to steer away from the ‘buy coins’ consumable route and instead offer two optional DLC packs, Online priced at $3.99 and Offline priced at $8.99, both aimed to enhance gameplay, but are not necessary to play the game.

The full game includes twelve game types including Snooker and 8 Ball UK, a host of customisable features, a fully editable trickshot mode, race against the clock Endurance mode, a full offline 8 Ball, 9Ball and Snooker career, Daily Challenges, aiming aids unlocked, Online Leagues, Full Play for Cash competitions, customisable rules and more.

To facilitate the increase in traffic, Pool Nation FX on Steam has incorporated a unique pool hall lobby, including a new Pool Hall venue to make online play seriously fun.

Pool Nation FX Lite is now available for PC onĀ Steam.

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