Pokemon X&Y Receives 7 New Creatures, Extra Mega Evolutions Revealed

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed seven new creatures for Pokemon X&Y including a new Mega Evolution form for MewTwo.

Mega MewTwo has the ability to transform into Mega Mewtwo X, which is also a Psychic/Fighting-creature.

The new creatures are:

A fossil-like Chigorasu, which is a Rock/Dragon type and has a move called Hard Jaw that increases its attack power

Rock/Ice type Amarasu has Freeze Skin, which turns normal moves into ice-based attacks

Normal type Torimian is a dog that has the move, Fur Coat, which can reduce physical attacks. In addition, its fur can be trimmed to change its appearance.

Psychic type cat, Nyaonikusu, which – depending on its gender – fearures different move-sets, giving it either Keen Eye or Infiltrator, among others. While the female is the attacker, the male is said to be more of a support role.

Froakie comes in the form of Gerogashira with the skill Jump.

Fennekin comes in the form of Teerunaa and has Psycho Cut, and

Chespin’s first evolutions come in the form of Hariboogu and has Mud Shot.

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Just in case you missed it, check out the Pokemon Direct video that focuses on Pokemon X & Y

Pokemon X & Y releases October 12 on 3DS.

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