Pokemon Go Survey Data Around Consumer Perceptions

Pokemon Go Survey Data Around Consumer Perceptions

Fluent, a digital advertising company, asked 1,885 adults about their interest and thoughts around Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Key findings include:

  • 2 in 3 (67%) Americans have heard at least something about Pokemon Go

o   Half have heard at least some and one quarter (26%) have heard a great deal about it

  • 20% of Americans claim to have downloaded Pokemon Go to their smartphones
  • Few who have not yet downloaded Pokemon Go (9%) say they plan to download it
  • Of those who have downloaded Pokemon Go:

o   80% think the app is unique and special

o   70% say the game has made them more active

o   62% say the experience has made the more likely to download other games from Nintendo

o   60% say it has made them use social media less frequently

o   57% have visited a specific location to acquire a specific Pokemon

o   57% have visited a new store or restaurant as a result of the game and 81% of those who have made a purchase

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