Pocket Gothic New Gameplay Video Released by Fedeen Games

Pocket Gothic New Gameplay Video Released by Fedeen Games

San Francisco, November 23, 2015- Whether you’re a horror fan, an anime enthusiast or both, you’ve got something to be excited about today! In a thrilling new video, Fedeen Games is giving the world its first look at the dynamic new side-scrolling brawler Pocket Gothic for mobile.

The video focuses primarily on the Arcanist class, showcasing her abilities as she carves through legions of foes hell-bent on taking her down. The gorgeous effects combined with the intuitive, smooth controls and skill combo system are sure to provide an experience as engaging as it is visually stunning.

Also on display is the ability of every class to transform into the formidable Darkborn, a demonic creature possessing devastating levels of power. By attacking enemies, players can feed their inner Darkborn until it is ready to emerge. While in Darkborn form, skill cooldowns are greatly reduced, and an exclusive Darkborn attack is also made available.

Here is the new Pocket Gothic gameplay video:

Pocket Gothic will be free-to-play on both iOS and Android devices. If this video has you dying for more, make sure you pre-register for Pocket Gothic to receive in-game rewards when the game launches by visiting here.

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