PlayStation Thanks Developers and Fans, Video

PlayStation announced that it now has over 1,000 self-publishers licensed to create games for its platforms.

Here is what PlayStation had to say:

“PS4 has been met with amazing enthusiasm and excitement from both gamers and developers alike since its launch back in November. With more than 100 games scheduled to launch on PS4 in 2014, it’s clear developers have been hard at work making great games for PS4 and are already pushing the hardware to do unexpected things. PlayStation continues to partner with some of the world’s best and brightest independent developers to bring some of the most creative and innovating games to PlayStation platforms. More than 1,000 developers are licensed to make games for PlayStation platforms, so there’s a lot more to come!”

As a token of appreciation, PlayStation has released a thank you video for its developers and fans, which you can view below:

You can also view the official PlayStation tweet below:

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Source: PlayStation