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You can view the update below, taken directly from the Blog:

Wiki: We’re moving to stage 1 of a more open and community focussed product and it’s starting with giving you, the Players, the ability to change elements on a game page. This means that you guys control what your favourite game pages look like! To start we’re looking for Players to select background images for games. We’ll moderate these and when we can confirm they look awesome…and don’t have any dodgy stuff in them…we’ll set them live. Each background that’s selected by a Player will have a link to that Players account so that people can see who was the creative mastermind behind it :-)

In-app messaging (Continued): We’re going to continue work on the in-app messaging system with a view to having direct/private messaging within the app live over the next couple of weeks! We are adding other awesome elements to this to allow you chat with other Players around games, create public and private groups etc. but this will be on a step by step basis. We need to crawl before we can double salto through an explosion whilst fragging 5 enemy noobs!

New Player and Game Browse Pages: We’re going to be launching new browse pages for both Games and Players which is going to give you more access to things that interest you. So, we’re going to have Players we suggest you follow based on how your interests are aligned (i.e. what games you like). We’ll also have ‘Most Popular’ Players, ‘Trending Players’ and ‘Featured Players’ and the same goes for Games. So there’ll be more ways to discover great New games and Players!

New Player and Game Profile Designs: Ok, we’ve actually got a very good response to our profile pages so we’re not going to be making drastic changes to these.

Player Profiles:

  1. We’re going to add the ability to upload screenshots so you can highlight videos and screenshots or just one of those two;
  2. We’re going to add a section for your activity feed so people can see what you’re saying on your many different platforms…all dedicated to your fine self;
  3. Finally, we’re going to integrate your liked games…this is part of a multi step process to bring more gaming elements to your profile.

Game Profiles:

  1. We’re going to add videos for games to the game page…and you guessed it, the community will get to control these;
  2. We’re adding an activity feed for games too so you can see a games updates across multiple platforms; and
  3. You’ll now be able to favourite games directly from the game page.

There’s more coming on these sections but this is the first phase :-)


Oauth: We’re going to start integrating Oauth into the site so that you can properly connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Steam etc. and find your friends and invite them on to! We are having a few issues with Xbox Live and PSN because they’re not the most open systems in the world so bear with us on those ones…WE WILL GET THERE!! ;-)

So that’s it. Expect to see all these elements rolled out over the next few weeks one by one!

You can view the Evolution of Gaming video by here.

You can sign up for the Player.met private Beta right here and then let us know what you think of by commenting below.

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