Play Insurgency for Free This Weekend with New Hunt DLC

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, developer New World Interactive has announced that the free to play weekend for Insurgency will now include the new DLC Hunt.

New Free ‘Hunt’ DLC Deploys In Time For INSURGENCY’s
Free Weekend, Marking The Most Substantial Content Update
Since Release

Denver, CO — August 7, 2014 — New World Interactive (NWI) is excited to announce today that it will be participating in a Free Weekend event on Steam starting today through August 11. INSURGENCY will be available to play for free all weekend, and following the event, players will be able to purchase it at the sale price of $7.49 (50% off the standard price of $14.99).

In anticipation of this event, NWI has released new, free DLC for the gritty shooter. Titled Hunt, the content update features the thrilling, new Hunt cooperative game mode, where players stealthily conduct night raids on Insurgent hideouts.

Here is the free DLC announcement trailer:

“We see INSURGENCY as a constant work in progress,” said Jeremy Blum, Founder and Game Director of NWI. “Our utilization of Early Access and our subsequent commitment to releasing free DLC demonstrates this. Since release, we have added five new maps to the game and several new weapons and optics. In conjunction with these substantial content additions, we have worked very closely with our community to refine gameplay mechanics and address legitimate concerns,” Blum continued. “We are excited to release our stats framework today, which is now collecting data. We will soon unleash our ranking and tier systems to our community, which is something they have been requesting for quite a long time. It is currently in the final stages of testing before release.”

INSURGENCY features a new rank system that allows players to level up as they gain points in the game that can be earned most effectively by focusing on the objective and working with your team. In addition to receiving a rank, players will also be placed into one of three different tiers depending on their percentile amongst all INSURGENCY players around the globe. The top 33% of players are in the ”Warlord” (Gold) tier, the middle 33% in the ”Veteran” (Silver) tier, and the lower 33% in the ”Grunt” (Bronze) tier.

“The addition of stats and ranking will be the first step in bolstering our support for the community over the long-term. We know how much potential we have as a competitive game and are solidifying that foundation one step at a time,” explained Andrew Spearin, INSURGENCY’s Creative Director.

“Although the game may be considered a ‘finished’ product, we are constantly evolving our vision and looking forward to growing in the years to come. We have next-gen console ambitions. Whether or not we stay on the same engine, we will see, but one thing we know is that this is just the beginning,” Blum added.

The Hunt content update released today also includes two new multiplayer maps, six new cooperative maps, updated existing maps, underbarrel grenade & smoke launchers, a new weapon optic, gameplay improvements, server optimizations, and much more.

Here are the latest game screenshots:

Overview of Hunt content update features:

  • New Hunt game mode (cooperative) where you must eliminate all enemies and caches in the area. This game mode requires extreme stealth and coordination as you only have one life.
  • New statistic tracking framework
  • New Main Menu UI with Development News and Steam Friends List
  • New multiplayer maps: Panj and Uprising
  • New cooperative maps designed specifically for the Hunt game mode include: District, Heights, Ministry, Panj, Uprising  and Contact
  • Updated multiplayer map: Market
  • Added underbarrel grenade and smoke launchers: M-203 for Security and GP-25 for Insurgents
  • Added non-zoom red dot optic for Security team
  • New first person weapon collision system
  • Overhauled visual FX

Built on Valve’s Source Engine, INSURGENCY supports up to 32-person multiplayer and six-player cooperative play, and showcases a training level as well as offline practice against AI. The game is built for Windows PC and Mac OS X.

So head on over to Steam to access your free Insurgency weekend.

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Source: Press Release