PLATO Real-Time Multiplayer Messenger-based Gaming App Launches

PLATO Real-Time Multiplayer Messenger-based Gaming App Launches

Plato Ranks Top 20 Social Networking App its First Weekend

Plato real-time multiplayer messenger-based gaming app for Android/iOS just launched on Thursday and has already achieved:

  • #7 Social Networking App in Canada
  • #15 Social Networking App in US
  • In its first weekend in the US, Plato outranked Line, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Facebook Groups, Yik Yak, Google Allo in the Social Networking app category for iOS
  • In 12 Countries, Plato achieved Top 100 Social Networking App

Plato Key Differentiation Points:

  • Synchronous multiplayer gaming (all real-time as opposed to Facebook’s asynchronous play)
  • All games are accessed within the app (no separate or additional downloads to access each game)
  • Group games (more than 3 players)
  • Automatic sending of game moves
  • Can play with more than just your friends
  • Cross-platform for iOS and Android
  • Full chat in each game (no need to go back and forth)

Watch the Plato Reveal Trailer:

The public beta for Plato is available free to download globally on the App Store and Google Play Store.