Planet of Heroes Available Now in Canada, Germany, and Singapore

Planet of Heroes Available Now in Canada, Germany, and Singapore

Early Access for the Game has Begun in Canada, Germany, and Singapore

Moscow, Russia – January 18, 2016 – Developer Fast Forward Studios and global publisher continue to reshape the definition of the true mobile MOBA with Planet of Heroes, and are proud to announce the game is now released on the iOS platform. From today on, there will be no more progression resets for Planet of Heroes players from Germany, Canada, and Singapore, with the whole world soon to follow. The game offers the most consistent MOBA PvP experience designed for play on the go.

Planet of Heroes features a full story campaign, dozens of unique heroes with powerful abilities, a clever and easy to use hero enchantment system, and a huge diversity in skins for players to customize their heroes’ appearance. Players can jump straight into the action and brawl for dominance over the lane wherever they want, whenever they are up for a quick fight.

Planet of Heroes is an action-packed modern MOBA for mobile devices that aims to capture the essence of what makes the genre great on PC, while playing to the strengths of mobile platforms. Planet of Heroes makes the most of the mobile experience, allowing for both simultaneous head-to-head online play, and asynchronous offline play. Game controls are tailored to make the most of mobile devices, allowing players to play anywhere at any time, eschewing awkward gestures and control layouts in favor of friendly, easy-to-grasp control schemes.

Planet of Heroes Available Now in Canada, Germany, and Singapore

Thoughtfully crafted game mechanics use the best practices of the MOBA genre, but fully optimized for mobile play. Average length of a game is around seven minutes, so every second counts in the arena. That makes Planet of Heroes one of the most action-packed games out there. Smart mechanics of skill enchantment allow for tactical planning since every character could be improved in a unique way depending on the player’s chosen style and Hero they use.

With a PvE game mode, players have a storyline to explore on their own. Each mission is an adventure and grants great rewards that could be used for character’s improvement. It’s an easy and fun way to take a break from tense competitive battles. Every mission has an adjustable difficulty level so those who like a challenge are in for a treat.

Here is the Planet of Heroes Launch Trailer:

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