Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free

Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free

Celebrate spring with new rides and new features for Planet Coaster

Cambridge, UK – 11 April 2017 -Frontier Developments plc (AIM: FDEV) today launched the new Planet Coaster Spring Update, available for FREE to all Planet Coaster players.

Planet Coaster‘s Spring Update is the game’s second major expansion following the December’s Winter Update, offering new creative opportunities for Planet Coaster players. The Planet Coaster Spring Update is available now for all players at no additional cost through an automatic update in Steam.

Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free

The Planet Coaster Spring Update features:

New Rollercoasters

  • Steel Hydra. Feel the G-force aboard Planet Coaster‘s first suspended swinging coaster.
  • Trident. Go there and back again with the first of Planet Coaster‘s two new shuttle coasters.
  • Bakasura. Trident’s bigger, badder brother is a thrilling inverted boomerang coaster.

Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free


New Flatrides

  • Elixir Machine. 360 degrees of spinning, swinging, twisting, upside-down insanity.
  • Big Wheel. An iconic favorite from the golden age of theme parks.
  • ZoZo. The long-armed ZoZo is another addition to Planet Coaster’s lineup of vintage classics

Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free

New Tracked Ride

  • Speed’ Go Karts. Design your own karting tracks using Planet Coaster‘s powerful track editor and see your guests put pedal to the metal! Who will win and who will spin?

Planet Coaster Spring Update Available Now for Free

New Features
  • Crime and security. Dissatisfied guests may vandalize park scenery, and pickpockets will infiltrate your park to steal other guests’ cash. Keep your law-abiding guests safe with security staff and CCTV cameras.
  • Dueling coasters. Up to five rollercoasters can be launched simultaneously to duel it out on the tracks.
  • Ride prestige. A revamp to Planet Coaster‘s prestige system lets park managers rebrand older rides to give them a boost, all visualized on a beautiful new Ride Reputation timeline.
  • New building components. Over 150 new options for creators including animatronics, fencing and security cameras.
  • Bigger blueprints. Blueprints are upgraded, doubling from 2,000 to 4,000 pieces per blueprint.
  • Three new Scenarios. Challenge your managerial skills in ‘Chief Beef’s Raceway’, ‘Oak Island’ and ‘Downtown’.
  • And much more. Planet Coaster‘s Spring Update also includes fixes and quality of life upgrades for all players including UI updates and new browser and search options.

Watch the Planet Coaster Spring Update Trailer:

For the full changelog, visit the Planet Coaster forums here.

Planet Coaster is available now on Steam and for $44.99 / £29.99 / €37.99.

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