Phil Tippett Releases Never Seen Star Wars Photos AMA & HoloGrid: Monster Battle Demos Coming this Week

Phil Tippett Releases Never Seen Star Wars Photos AMA & HoloGrid: Monster Battle Demos Coming this Week

Berkeley, CA, May 24th, 2016

Unreleased Star Wars Behind-The-Scenes Photos
Phil Tippett recently found a roll of film with pictures he shot during the making of the original Star Wars film! A new Reward Tier on the HoloGrid: Monster Battle Kickstarter is going live this Tuesday where backers will receive a NEVER RELEASED 8×10 print from Phil Tippett’s personal collection, taken on the set of Star Wars from 1977, hand signed by Phil!

This Thursday at 3pm PT – Phil Tippett will be doing an AMA on Reddit! So people can ask him questions about HoloGrid:Monster Battle, Dinosaur Supervision, Star Wars, the new photos and well.. anything!

HoloGrid:Monster Battle Demos Available at Select Stores!
While augmented reality looks cool on video the best way to experience it is in person! To do this Tippett Studio & Happy Giant have teamed up with some fantastic tabletop gaming & comic book shops across the country to give players a chance to try HoloGrid:Monster battle in person!

Phil Tippett Releases Never Seen Star Wars Photos AMA & HoloGrid: Monster Battle Demos Coming this Week

These demos will be available starting this Saturday May 28th at the following locations.

Samurai Comics Phoenix
1051 E. Camelback Rd
Phoenix AZ

Samurai Comics Mesa
1120 S. Country Club Drive
Mesa AZ

Samurai Comics Glendale
6808 N. Dysart Rd.
Glendale AZ

Gryphon Games & Comics
1119 W Drake Rd C-30
Fort Collins CO

Heroes Landing
12348 Roper Blvd
Clermont FL

Quest Comic Shop
225 Lovvorn Rd
Carrollton GA

High Energy Vintage
429 Somerville Ave,
Somerville, MA

Memory Lane Comics
5214 Market St Unit 105
Wilmington NC

Ground Zero Omaha
4601 S 50 Street Suite 103
Omaha NE

Kings Games
1685 E 15th St.
Brooklyn NY

BP Sports Cards and Memorabilia, Inc.
38 N. Main St
Florida NY

26636 Brookpark Road EXT
North Olmsted    OH

Wild Things Games
241 Commercial St NE
Salem OR

Guardian Games
345 se Taylor St
Portland OR

Comic Books 101
116 1/2 W. Spring St.
Titusville PA

Neverending Stories (Comic Books 101)
1252 Liberty St.
Franklin PA

Planet Comics    
2704 N Main St
Anderson SC

Rainbow Comics and Cards
3310 S. Minnesota Ave.
Sioux Falls SD

Space Cadets Collection Collection
27326 Robinson Rd. Suite #117
Oak Ridge North TX

8th Dimension Comics & Games
15210 West Road
Houston TX

Dicehead Games
200 Paul Parkway #12
Cleveland TN

Collector’s Alley
1229 Hampshire Pike
Columbia TN

DNA Comics
20032 HWY 59 N
Humble TX

Quarterstaff Games
152 Church Street
Burlington VT

Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming
9201 Mall road
Morgantown WV

About HoloGrid: Monster Battle

HoloGrid: Monster Battle is a hybrid CCG/turn-based tactical strategy game, brought to you by Tippett Studio and HappyGiant. With the goal to defeat your opponent’s Champion, the game uses team and spell based combat, set on an AR tabletop-like playing board, allowing intense battles to take place.


  • Platforms: Mobile for main goal (iOS/Android), many others if we hit Stretch Goals.
  • Boxed Product: The game is a one-time-fixed price purchase. This is NOT a Free-To-Play mobile game and we won’t bother you with in-app purchases (read my lips!). We may introduce new creature card packs over time, but only if you want ’em!
  • Strategy: If we hit our Stretch Goal of 30 Creatures, that’s well over 100,000 team combinations! The base 8 units provide over 400!
  • Unique Abilities: All units will come with their own unique abilities, movement ranges, and more; allowing for endless amounts of strategy. See Creature Gifs below for more details
  • Character Classes – Champions, Tanks, Specialists, Ranged/Shooters and Fighters
  • Spells – Like the Creatures, every spell will be unique, and have the ability to shift the tide of the battle
  • Fast Paced: The game matches take only 10-15 minutes, so you can play a quick session or multiple matches in no time
  • PvP / 2 Player Game – The game is for made for 2 players/teams.
  • MP – Local Multiplayer included, and Remote Multiplayer if Stretch Goal hit.

Tippett Studio – Founded in 1984 by animation pioneer Phil Tippett, is an Academy Award®-winning media production company specializing in CG animation and digital effects for feature films, television, commercials, VR and AR. The Berkeley, CA based company has created visual effects for blockbuster movies including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World, Ted, The Twilight Saga, Cloverfield, Starship Troopers, Jurassic Park and Robocop. Tippett Studio’s commercial work has garnered four Clio awards. Tippett Studio is currently in production on a large format ride for a Chinese Theme Park.

HappyGiant – Founded by veterans of LucasArts, ILM, Hasbro and Pileated Pictures, HappyGiant is an independent developer and publisher of video games and entertainment for PCs, mobile, tablets and emerging platforms.

Key Personnel:
Mike Levine – Veteran of LucasArts “Golden Era” working on Sam & Max: Hit The Road, Full Throttle, The Dig, Monkey Island 2 & 3, Jedi Knight 1 & 2 and many others.
Bob Driscoll – Creator of “Scrabble Flash”, Game of the Year, Hasbro

There are 14 more days left to support HoloGrid: Monster Battle on Kickstarter.

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