Personal Robot Reached Kickstarter Funding Goal in Just 6 Days

The Personal Robot Kickstarter Campaign just reached 110% of its funding goal – within the first 6 days.

Meet the world’s first Artificial Intelligence Personal Robot.

She’s a multi-talented personal assistant, an awesome photographer, a reliable security guard, a wonderful storyteller, and much more with our open APIs for endless possibilities.

  • She sees the world the same way we human do.  She can recognize faces, emotions, and everyday objects.
  • She understands what you say. She knows what you mean.
  • She also wakes you up and reminds you about your next meeting.
  • She can move around by herself.
  • And she builds her own map of the house with her navigation & mapping algorithms.
  • She can feel the surrounding environment with all her sensors.
  • She communicates with all your connected devices.
  • She is your family’s peace of mind when it comes to saving energy and keeping the house secured.
  • She can order you food at any hour.
  • She’s your world-class personal assistant at work.
  • She’s a hands-free helper around the house.  She can walk you through a recipe or guide you through a home improvement project.
  • She’s even a personal security guard, providing peace of mind with real-time video feeds of every room of your home. She can connect you across the globe to be with your family via telepresence.
  • She can be the life of the party, playing music through internal HD speakers and photographing moments that will last a lifetime.
  • She’s also a storyteller opening up your child’s imagination not only with words, but also with colorful environments she creates by adjusting any room’s lighting.

Here are some screenshots:


And, take a look at the official video below:

Even though the project is fully funded, there are still 22 days left in the campaign so head on out and support Founder & CEO, Duy Huynh.

Source: KickStarter and Press Release