Personal Robot Kickstarter Update

The Personal Robot Kickstarter Campaign has been updated by Founder and CEO, Duy Huynh.

Personal Robot Kickstarter Update

Here is what the developer had to say,

1.  We’ve doubled our funding goal and sold more than 100 Personal Robots.
2.  We’re organizing offline meetings with our backers.  Just so that our backers can touch, feel, and experience the Personal Robot prototype.  I believe we’re the first Kickstarter project that actually organize these offline meetings.
3.  Interesting fact:  most of our Kickstarter backers are actually prosumers and professionals!
They come from various industries: retail, hospital, hotel & restaurant, education, and even senior home community.  We have met with a few of them this week, and they’re excited to partner with us to bring Personal Robot to their industry.
We came to Kickstarter with a consumer product, and now we’re even more excited about the enterprise B2B use cases.
4.  We also release the Robot Development Kit for developers.  This opens up exciting opportunities for the next generation of smart apps.  Leveraging our powerful APIs, developers will be able to easily create experiences desgined specifically for Personal Robot.

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Source: KickStarter and Press Release