Perfect Universe a Black and White Line Drawn 2D Platformer Launching in Feb. 2016

Perfect Universe a Black and White Line Drawn 2D Platformer Launching in Feb. 2016

Oxfordshire UK — December 10, 2015 – Excalibur is set to launch Perfect Universe – a black and white line drawn 2D platform game, in February, 2016 from indie developer Will Sykes.

Featuring a challenging collection of nine games with crazy physics and tested with gravitational pull of varying strength depending on the size of the matter.  There are both single player games and a whole section of multi-player games it is both frustrating and addictive to play.  Single player games include some classic platforming in Perfect Moon, attempting to control the feet of a character in Moon Life – much harder than it sounds – and a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre.

Perfect Universe a Black and White Line Drawn 2D Platformer Launching in Feb. 2016

Single player Games:

  • Perfect Moon- classic platforming
  • Moon Life- a game where you directly control the feet of a character
  • Starlight- a new take on the classic “Thrust” game genre

Local multiplayer games (1-4 players):

  • Moon golf- a side on game of interplanetary golf
  • Gravity dodge- a frantic platform death match in gravity warping arenas
  • Rocket ball- ice hockey played with rocket ships
  • Balloon pop- try to pop more balloons than your friends
  • Moon volley- volley ball played around a small planet
  • Rocket race- race round a track in a rocket ship

Key Features:

  • 9 games
  • Mind bending gravity
  • Local multiplayer
  • Unique art style

Take a look at the Perfect Universe announcement trailer:

About Will Sykes

Will Sykes is a computer games programming veteran who has worked on many top titles including Monument Valley, Project Cars, PGR4 and Crackdown.

Originally interested in physics programming, he has grown to become a competent designer, musician, artist and animator, allowing him to create games entirely from his own bonkers imagination.

Will developed Perfect Universe as an attempt to build on the gaming foundations that originally interested him as a child of the 80s. He says, “I wanted to make a classic game and yet build something new at the same time”. He is also committed to the old-school experience of local multiplayer:  “I love local multiplayer games, it’s hilarious watching your friends’ reactions in person when you whoop them.”

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About Excalibur

Excalibur is the publishing arm of parent company Contact Sales Ltd.  Excalibur was founded in 2004, and eleven years later, 2015 sees the company venturing into new territory creating its own IP such as the sequel to European Ship Simulator (World Ship Simulator), Better Late Than DEAD and Counter Terrorism Unit.  Earlier this year, Excalibur gained worldwide Sony publisher status. They will publish indie based titles from November 2015 to March 2016; Circuit Breakers (PC/Mac) – just released , Space Overlords (PC/PS3/PS4/PS Vita) – due February 2016, and Perfect Universe (PC/PS4) – due February 2016 . Further indie titles are due for release, and will be announced in early 2016.

Excalibur’s simulation licensing activities continue to focus on high end simulation franchises like Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator.

Perfect Universe is set to launch February, 2016 for PS4 and PC on Steam.