Peggle 2 Free Multiplayer DLC Coming Soon

Peggle 2 developer PopCap announced on its Facebook page that its working on a free multiplayer DLC titled ‘Duels.’

Peggle 2 Duels

PopCap stated that,

“This new mode will enable players to compete against each other, in the same room or across the Internet, head-to-head on the same board. We loved Duel mode in the original Peggle and can’t wait to bring it into the updated world of Peggle 2.”

PopCap also stated that the Duels multiplayer DLC is just “The Beginning” and that lots of surprises are in store for Peggle 2, including a community gaming night, “where the Peggle dev team faces off against fans in a few friendly-and-not-at-all-incredibly-competitive rounds of Peg Party.”

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Are you excited about the Peggle 2 Duels DLC?