PC REVIEW for Marble Mountain

PC REVIEW for Marble Mountain

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review for Marble Mountain by developer Lightning Rock.

Marble Mountain, an arcade game, brings back nostalgia and memories from the past. If you remember the days of Super Monkey Ball by Sega, you will definitely enjoy the gameplay and puzzles in Marble Mountain.

Taking place on top of various raised platforms, the purpose of the Marble Mountain is to navigate a marble through increasingly difficult puzzles in order to reach the exit. In each puzzle, special golden objects called “Aurums” are hidden through the stage and must be collected in order to unlock specialized marbles with different attributes. Certain stages have special enemies who can chase the player’s marble around and shatter it, forcing a restart. Stages also have traps and falls, either impeding player progress or forcing a narrow navigation. In terms of controls, the game is pretty straight forward. The marble can be controlled using the arrows keys or the WASD. As the camera automatically adjusts to follow the player, no other controllers are required.

PC REVIEW for Marble Mountain
In terms of gameplay, Marble Mountain is definitely a more casual puzzle series with virtual-reality options. The pace was slower, without too much emphasis on time, allowing more freedom to explore and test out the physics of the game. The camera movements felt perfect and the controls felt smooth and responsive. One of the areas that could be improved is adding extra game modes or other challenges. There isn’t an urge or pressure to keep playing besides for the problem-solving and puzzles presented in the game.

Here is the Marble Mountain launch trailer:

For a game of this genre, Marble Mountain is very well-done and I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

Marble Mountain is now available for $9.99 USD and is available with VR support on Steam.