PC REVIEW for Soda Drinker Pro

PC REVIEW for Soda Drinker Pro

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review for Soda Drinker Pro by developer Will Brierly.

It is highly recommended that you use a controller versus the mouse while playing Soda Drinker Pro.

I started playing the game and felt like I was in some alternate bizarre world that I couldn’t wait to get out of. The two main actions that I had to take were to bring the soda to my mouth and then drink it. Then I walked around refilling my drink and looking around for more sodas. I always try to stay objective out of respect for the developers, but this game is just not for everyone.

Although some levels were better than others, I just could not appreciate the repetitive comments and sounds.

On the good side, Soda Drinker Pro has various levels that are filled with different content to keep the game exciting. For example, on level 2, make sure to go inside of the house to unlock a huge portion of the game “Vivian Clark.” Again, while this was so bizarre, it was a particularly very colorful stage and yet I kept asking myself – what am I doing? There was no soda to drink at all during this gameplay. Instead, I found myself flying around as a butterfly, a water bubble, and even had to do 10 pushups as an old man! The scenes kept jumping around from scenery to scenery and I found myself in some alternate reality.

Soda Drinker Pro isn’t for everyone. Some might find it cool, while others will not. I just cannot recommend this game as a buy and give it a 5/10.

Here is the Soda Drinker Pro official launch trailer:

Soda Drinker Pro launches today for PC on Steam and Xbox One. You can also download the game on the official website.