PC REVIEW for HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza

PC REVIEW for HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC Review of HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza by developer Io-Interactive.

The release of HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza unlocks the next mission in Square Enix’s episodic game HITMAN. The new DLC includes the additional of a new map, new objects, new challenges, as well as the accompanying escalation missions.

The next storyline mission for Agent 47 takes place in the new map Sapienza, a small coastal Italian town surrounding a mansion and an underground research facility. The objectives are to sabotage a deadly DNA-specific virus prototype and eliminate the two chief scientists in charge.

PC REVIEW for HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza

The new mission definitely felt more refreshing than those provided with the Intro pack, with the two tutorial missions and the one Paris mission. In my previous review for HITMAN, I complained about the lack of difficulty in the missions. Instead of the subterfuge associated with the HITMAN series, I could head straight for my target, exchanging disguises only when necessary, eliminating the target and making my getaway. The new map, Sapienza, felt much more engaging, almost as if there are three separate missions in one. Sapienza is huge compared to the tutorial maps and Paris, easily two to three times bigger than the previous. Targets get progressively harder and harder to kill, with increasing security and higher chances of getting discovered. Square Enix also made it considerably harder to isolate the targets, nullifying your chances of making a discretionary kill.

PC REVIEW for HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza

The gameplay remains the same, with the same interactions between Agent 47 and the environment. HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza added in a variety of different disguises and NPC interactions, which is a refresher visually but otherwise, a non-factor. More weapons and tools are made available, with a much heavier emphasis on bypassing security checkpoints, doors, and NPCs. Most doors are fitted with card locks instead of the typical mechanical locks, forcing you to procure a variety of keycards with various clearance levels. All the NPCs further along the mission travel packs, making it harder make your way across the map as disguises are more likely to be uncovered.

PC REVIEW for HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza

Overall I enjoyed Episode 2 of HITMAN far more than the missions in the intro pack, with a higher level of difficulty as well as a deeper immersion in both the action and the story. However, HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza suffers a lack of content as explained in my last review. There simply isn’t much to do after finishing the storyline missions. Escalations are repeats of the story, with different targets. Contracts utilize player-created scenarios using the same maps.

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I would give HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza a 10 out of 10, taking into account that it is simply a DLC to the main game.

Here is the HITMAN Episode 2: Sapienza Launch Trailer:

Sapienza is FREE as part of the Full Experience Pack, for owners of the Intro Pack they can choose either the Upgrade Pack for $50, which will then include all of this year’s content as it’s released, and guarantees not to miss any live or bonus content or choose to purchase the location individually for $10 (or local equivalent).

The disc version of HITMAN will ship in January 2017.

HITMAN is available on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC.

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