PC REVIEW for Blues and Bullets Episode 2


PC REVIEW for Blues and Bullets Episode 2

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review of Blues and Bullets Episode 2 by developer A Crowd Of Monsters.

Blues and Bullets is a game incredibly similar to L.A. Noire in various aspects. Games like Blues and Bullets and L.A. Noire are quite fond of grey. The art direction of Blues and Bullets is simply fantastic, by using large amounts of grey and red in order to create a special atmosphere. It really felt like I was in the 1920’s dealing with Al Capone. In addition, the graphics were pretty darn good as they went very well with the art direction. I would rate them slightly above average for current developer standards.

The Blues and Bullets Gameplay was fun and interesting. It takes a slightly different spin on the L.A. Noire gameplay. There is little driving, and not much actual policing, but you do piece together the challenging crimes and get in fun gun fights.

PC REVIEW for Blues and Bullets

I cannot reveal much of the story, but from what I have seen (not all episodes are out ) it is really interesting, and often the atmosphere belies the story beneath. While the mouse movements were a bit clunky, I blame that on that on the subpar PC I was playing it on, I give the developers the benefit of the doubt, for they were nearly able to overwhelm my potato computer.

Overall, a refreshingly fun and exciting game. I really enjoyed the episode and look forward to next ones. I give this game, an unprecedented 4 / 5.

Here is the Blues and Bullets launch trailer:

You can download Blues and Bullets on Steam and Xbox One.