PC REVIEW for Epistory Typing Chronicles

PC REVIEW for Epistory Typing Chronicles

This is Gaming Cypher’s PC review for Epistory Typing Chronicles by developer Fishing Cactus.

If you enjoy a good story, Epistory Typing Chronicles is definitely the game for you. Taking place in a beautifully rendered world made of paper and origami, you must investigate and cleanse the evil that plagues the lands. With each step, you grow more powerful and progress deeper into the story.

Epistory itself is a typing-style action adventure game, only requiring the usage of the keyboard. There are two separate viewing modes within the game, a normal walking-mode to travel around the world, and a specialized viewing-mode to interact with objects or enemies. Obstacles and puzzles can be cleared by entering viewing-mode and typing the resulting words above each object. Enemies can be killed by typing the words above their models, some requiring multiple or longer words. Killing enemies or bypassing obstacles and puzzles grant points used to level up. Leveling up grants skill points, which the player can use to upgrade and obtain different traits.

PC REVIEW for Epistory Typing Chronicles

The highlight of Epistory lies within its artwork and storytelling, with its rippling, expanding world and ever-changing environment. The narrator feels real, with a smooth voice and vibrating emotions enough to fully immerse into the story.  The pace of the game is entirely up to you, whether you want to breeze through for more storyline or take it slow to explore all the puzzles and secrets.

Epistory reminds me of the style of Bastion in a positive way, based on the way the world is constructed and the telling of the story. The tutorial was very well-done, establishing an interesting premise while clearly explaining the controls to the player. The pace is not too fast and not too slow, with enough time to explore and awe at the well-drawn environment while containing enough action to keep me interested. For a typing-style type of game, it is very well done, combining two different genres in a unique and interesting way.

One thing that could be improved in Epistory is adding new interactions between the player, the world, and the enemies. The animations and enemy patterns do get quite repetitive after a while. Overall, Epistory is a beautifully made game with great storytelling and I would give it a 4 out of 5.

Here is the Epistory release teaser trailer:

Epistory Typing Chronicles releases today for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.