PayDay 2 Poetry Jam Winners Announced, See Videos

Steam has announced Overkill Software’s PayDay Poetry Jam contest winners and released several videos.

PayDay 2 Poetry Jam Winners Announced, See Videos


Here is what the developer had to say,


We have now gone through all the poetry jam submissions and picked our four winners. There were thousands of contributions and so many great ones so we had to pick some honorary mentions as well.

Can I just say, on behalf of the OVERKILL Crew, well done everyone involved. We were floored by the creativity and love you have for the PAYDAY universe. We salute you, every single one of you.

First are the Honorary recipients:

  • Kangareuben
  • CEO wuut
  • Sundowner
  • Metaphorazine
  • SushiJaguar
  • shelde
  • Michael J. Caboose
  • ToMo-Kun [V-M] (Keima)
  • Eviler
  • Mcintosh Pro
  • KleinerBaer


Now take a look at the winners in the videos below.

First winner – [Blue] Veggie55 with “Story of My Heist”

Second winner – “The Maven (Hoxton’s Prison Journal)” by Optimist Prime

Third winner – “Bad Lobbies” by Shægro

Fourth winner – “Payday (The Criminal Network)” by Kwote1 and the [TCN] crew

The winners will now get to create one mask each together with one of the creatives in the OVERKILL crew. These masks will be put in the game when they are done and can be used by everyone that owns the PAYDAY 2: Official Soundtrack as well as the CCE version of the game. The developer plans to release the winner masks to all soundtrack owners in the coming month.

You can also take a look at the PayDay 2: Deathwish DLC video that was released last month.

What did you think? Which one was your favorite?

Source: Steam