PayDay 2: Deathwish DLC New Video Released

Overkill Software has released the first trailer for the PayDay 2: Deathwish DLC.

The following are the key features of the PayDay 2: Deathwish DLC:

  • Death Wish difficulty level can be applied every heist available to date. No one knows how Death Wish difficulty alters a heist – bridges that were whole could now destroyed, skylights could have appeared in buildings roofs and if I were you I’d be careful not to use the wrong ingredients while cooking meth…
  • Two new enemy types – Two new enemy types have been added to the game; the GENSEC Elite SWAT’s and the haunting, LMG-wielding Elite Bulldozer!
  • A free melee weapon – Still not difficult enough? Have a pair of Brass Knuckles on the house and make it a real challenge. The “350K” brass knuckles packs the punch of 350,000 community members (the 3rd largest community on Steam!).
  • 35 new achievements to unlock – Players will have a whopping 35 new difficulty related achievements to unlock.

The Deathwish DLC is free, and between Feb 28 and March 2, Payday 2 will be 50% off for newcomers. You can check out the official PayDay 2: Deathwish website here.

You can view the PayDay 2: Deathwish DLC trailer below, which features heavy policy action, including heavily-armoured ‘Dozer’ troops and GENSEC elite guards:

Payday 2′s David Goldfarb stated about an update on Payday 2 DLC for PS3 and Xbox 360,

“Both patches are in test right now, no word on when they will be approved.”

You can also view the PayDay 2 ‘The Charlie Santa Heist’ trailer here.

Source: OVERKILL SoftwareTM YouTube