PAX West 2017 Impressions: Divinity: Original Sin 2

PAX West 2017 Impressions: Divinity: Original Sin 2

I had a great time while visiting the Larian Studios booth at PAX West 2017 to take a look at Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is an isometric, RPG from crowd-funded developer Larian Studios. Divinity has tactical turn-based combat that can be played alone or online with up to three other players. The story takes place many generations after the events of the first Divinity: Original Sin, sorcery has been outlawed by Bishop Alexandar the Innocent. Those who are suspected of having Source powers are enemies of the state.

Over 100 hours of content will take the player and their friends through a highly interactive world. NPC’s will react differently to races and backgrounds, increasing replayability as well as forcing creative solutions amongst squads. Every line of dialogue has been treated with voice acting from some of the best in the business. The game will also ship with an editor that players can upload. Players can also take the role of Game Master in order to control the game while their friends play.

Start slaying September 14, 2017 on Steam.

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