PAX Prime 2015: GIGANTIC Heading to Xbox One & Windows 10

PAX Prime 2015: GIGANTIC Heading to Xbox One & Windows 10

I had the pleasure of stopping by the MOBA RPG shooter hybrid Gigantic booth by Microsoft and Motiga during PAX Prime 2015.

Gigantic is a team-based, five-on-five competitive action game with strategic elements, in which heroes battle alongside a massive guardian in a fight for supremacy. A five-story mythical monster, each guardian gathers a team of five heroes, fights at their side, and resurrects them when they fall in battle. Combine your hero’s skill with the power of a naga, griffin, or another guardian, and you’ll dominate the battleground.

in Gigantic, you get to choose from elusive snipers, powerful spellcasters, and heavy-metal juggernauts. Whether you come from shooters, MOBAs, MMOs, or action games, you’ll find something familiar—and something new. In addition, you get to customize and adapt. As you fight, you’ll level up and improve your skills—and you choose how to improve. Get faster, tougher, or more lethal. Improve as a healer, develop a new area attack, or immobilize your enemies.

Here is the Gigantic E3 2015 video:

Gigantic, a MOBA RPG shooter hybrid, is coming to Xbox One with Windows 10 cross-play support. You can sign up for the Beta right here.

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