PAX East 2014 to Include 6 Mobile Games

Six iOS and Android mobile games have been revealed for the PAX East 2014 this year.

PAX East 2014 to Include 6 Mobile Games

The six mobile games are:

  • Crowman & Wolfboy (iOS), Wither Studios’ tale of its titular characters who are searching for mysterious creatures known as humans
  • Duet (Android, iOS), Kumobius’ arcade game in which player navigate two orbiting spheres past obstacles, with a soundtrack by Tim Shiel, best known for his work with Gotye
  • Framed (iOS), Loveshack’s noire-inspired puzzle game styled like an animated comic book
  • The Spookening (Android, iOS), Modesty’s shoot-em-up in which players take the form of a character who dies every night and wakes up the next day with resurrection on their minds
  • Tiny Dice Dungeon (Android, iOS), Springloaded’s combat-focused role-playing game controlled by the role of virtual dice
  • Wayward Souls (iOS), Rocketcat Games’ dungeon crawling action game designed with permadeth and an eye toward replayability

Jerry “Tycho” Holkins wrote on Penny Arcade,

“It may not be apparent outside of my own mind, but the ‘PEIS’ has a specific mission to promote games on mobile. PAX 10 is more broad. But mobile is an especially scary place to make games right now, and I think there’s good to be done thereby. Unlike a lot of games at a show like this, a lot of times you can just grab your phone out of your pocket and buy something you like right there. As magic tricks go, that’s a pretty good one.”

The PAX East 2014 will take place April 11-14 in Boston. We’ll bring you more news as the event draws closer.

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Source: The Penny Arcade