Party Hard New Bearly Partying Trailer

Developer Pinokl Games and publisher tinyBuild Games released a new trailer for Party Hard and revealed the new Party Ranch level.

Party Hard New Bearly Partying Trailer

The Party Ranch has plenty of new elements to experiment with, including:
  • Fangirls who follow you around and won’t leave you alone
  • Rockers who get together and smash rooms to bits
  • Bears in sunglasses who run rampant through the ranch
  • Trucks with faulty handbrakes
  • Barbecues that have a tendency to unleash fireballs
  • Plenty more deadly traps

Take a look at the new ‘Bearly Partying trailer:

Party Hard won Indie Prize Amsterdam’s Critics Choice Award and is set to release on Steam this summer, followed by mobile releases and consoles to follow.

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Source: Press Release