Party Hard Keeps on Partying with Sharknados and More Updates

Party Hard Sharknado Gaming Cypher

Publisher tinyBuild Games and developer Pinokl Games have announced the latest update and Sharknados in Party Hard.

  • Party Hard launched on Steam last Tuesday
  • PAX Prime turned into a large dance party on the 6th floor with crowds waiting to play the game
  • Hundreds of streamers jumped on the twitch chat integration
  • Expect a steady stream of new content that’s NOT paid DLC

The latest update introduces new twitch events, including a Miami-level specific Sharknado event. We are overwhelmed by the positive reception the game’s getting, and the twitch chat integration feature is one of the most exciting things we ever launched.

Streamers who play the game can essentially play “against” their audience, who make sure to trigger events that troll streamers. The twitch chat can participate in the game by choosing specific events to happen, for example a group of angry bikers to come in and beat everyone up, more people to show up, a group of special agents to clear the area out, and more.

Here are the latest patch notes:

  • Added Sharknado to the Miami Party as a twitch event
  • Fixed achievement bugs
  • Fixed ninja’s stealth ability not working properly sometimes
  • New twitch events
  • Upgraded AI
  • Rebalanced Halloween and Vegas levels
  • Watched Angry Joe play Party Hard for 9 hours straight, including over 2 hours on the Miami Party
  • Purposely not fixing the difficulty spike in the Miami party
  • Added time scoring when you complete the levels
  • Fixed some issues with score multipliers
  • Showed off Party Hard on the twitch stage at PAX Prime
  • Thought it would be a great idea to have fake knives that collapse in at PAX. Quickly realized it’s a bad idea to run around with realistic looking knives stabbing people. They also bruise.
  • Thought it’d be a good idea to have a bubble machine at PAX Prime, realized it’s a bad idea when I accidentally sprayed a 2ft high layer of bubbles all over PAX 10, 505 games, and Adult Swim’s booths. But hey, it was clean!
  • Thought it’d be a good idea to have a fog machine in our booth. Tested it. Who knew fog machines trigger smoke alarms? (apparently everyone but me!)
  • Fixed a rare issue when the game would launch into a black screen. It had everything to do with corrupt save files.
  • The cop can now use shortcuts
  • Party Hard is our most fun game launch
  • Major content update coming very soon

There’s a large content update coming very soon to Party Hard. In the meanwhile, enjoy new twitch events!

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