Paper Heroes for Mobile Launches on Indiegogo and Needs Your Support

Paper Heroes for Mobile Launches on Indiegogo and Needs Your Support

Developers Tim and Egor Filin have announced that their mobile game, Paoer Heroes, is now on Indiegogo.

The developer states that one might call Paper Heroes a turn-based strategy, however it is a stretch to call it so. Unconventional gameplay and a variety of characters with different capabilities make the game entirely distinct from others of its kind. The game is being developed for smartphones and tablets iOS.

All heroes special abilities are aimed at saving the princess, dropping the block or causing damage to the rival. Various combinations of the moves and items give you thousands of opportunities to save the princess.

Multiplayer is perhaps the juiciest thing this game has. To win the battle you will need not only guile and intelligence, but also luck.  The fights are terribly tense. In Paper Heroes players will find real friends with whom they can fight side by side. Frankly speaking, even if you bring an army of friends around to help you to defeat strong rivals, the chances are you won’t win as there are always people who can defeat three players on their own. One more unique feature of the game is that you can save 2 or 3 princesses in one move and thus beat 3 rivals at a time.

Here is the Paper Heroes announcement trailer:

You can help support Paoer Heroes on Indiegogo. right now.