Pankapu Review for PC

Pankapu Review for PC

This is Gaming Cypher’s review (done by JessTheArchMage) of Pankapu by developer Too Kind Studio now out for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.

Pankapu has unlocked so many nostalgic memories. I grew up with Super Nintendo, so having a hidden love for 2D side scroller games made this a easy to pick up and play. Controls were smooth and I had no troubles thru my adventure. The story of the dream world Omnia and the hero Pankapu really captured my attention. I could never get tired of a  good vs evil based story.

Pankapu Review for PC

The elaborate colors of the scenery, to the wonderful music made by the people who composed The Secrets Of Mana really made the game gorgeous. I absolutely loved the layered back drops on the levels; not to mention the fluidity of the scenery blowing with the wind. A perfect mixture of features made Pankapu an epic must have for your game Library.

What really got me was that the game is wrapped around the idea of reading a story to a child. As a father of two, It got me right in the feels. I would definitely share this game with my children, just to simply watch them enjoy such an amazing story line. Too Kind Studios did a fabulous job, well done!

I give Pankapu a 10/10!

Pankapu Key Features:

  • Action / Plateformer in 2D, told like a tale
  • Two parallel stories, between dreams and reality
  • 3 Aegis, acting like jobs, switchable in real time
  • Infuse your weapons with the power of Dream
  • The Nebula System: a skill tree unlocking abilities
  • Explore stages for finding hidden treasures
  • Poetic soundtrack composed by Ganaé and Hiroki Kikuta (Secret Of Mana)

Here is the Pankapu Launch Trailer:

Pankapu is now available for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam.