Partnership for the Integration and Establishment of eSports – Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan December 13, 2017 — Computer Entertainment Supplier’s
Association (CESA), Japan Online Game Association (JOGA), the eSports
organizations of Japan eSports Association (JeSPA), eSports Promotion
Organization and Japan eSports Federation (JeSF), have previously
announced on September 19, 2017 that we have joined forces in order
to create a unified eSports association for the purpose of promoting
industrial development, as well as the overall growth of eSports. read more

Daedalic’s The Pillars of the Earth’s Second Book – Sowing the Wind Releasing Today

The Interactive Novel Gets Bloodier and More Brutal in Book 2 of the Adaptation of Ken Follett’s Bestseller

The second installment of Daedalic Entertainment’s interactive novel, The Pillars of the Earth, will be available today at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm EST / 7:00pm MEZ for Steam, followed by GOG at the end of December 2017 and PlayStation 4, and Xbox One at the end of January 2018. Book 2 – Sowing the Wind is the next chapter of Daedalic Entertainment’s adaptation of the best-selling book series by Ken Follett. Those who purchased Book 1 – From the Ashes will automatically have access to Books 2 and 3 at no additional cost. Anyone who has yet to purchase the game may now download the first two Books for $29,99 on Steam/GOG or $39,99 on console, which also provides access to Book 3 – Eye on the Storm later when it releases in May 2018To celebrate the launch of the second book Steam players get a 50% discount on the season pass of The Pillars of the Earth for 48 hours. read more

DomiNations Adds Major Cold War Update to Mobile

In the Shadow of Superpowers, Proxy Wars and Spies Spark the Latest Update in Hit Mobile RTS

Nexon and Big Huge Games have released the next major update for DomiNations, ushering in the Cold War Age to the hit mobile strategy game. Downloaded more than 31 million times, players will now be able to advance one of eight nations through to the 12th iconic historical era in the game which delivers new content, tactical units, defensive buildings, in-game events and more. read more