The Order 1886 Developer Diary Released

A few days ago, Ready at Dawn Studios released a new PS4 video for The Order 1886.

Now, the developer has released a new video featuring Fusing History & Mythology aspects of the game.

The Order 1886 Developer Diary Released

Ready At Dawn Studios Creative Director, Ru Weerasuriya, described the game,

In the days of King Arthur, mankind is on the losing side of a war for dominion and supremacy against the Half-Breeds. The King assembles a group of noble men to stand in defense of their brethren and thus, the Knights of the Round Table are born.

The Knights, now known only as The Order, endure through the centuries bringing the war to a status quo. With the Industrial Revolution, technology gives them the upper hand and a time of uncomfortable peace settles in the Kingdom and the Commonwealth, our version of Pax Britannia. But this peace brings on a new opponent. The very people The Order had sworn to protect take up arms, as the Rebellion is formed in the streets of London. This new battle ravages the street of 1886 London, as both rebels and Knights fight each other to the death.

Take a look at the new developer diary below:

The Order: 1886 is a PS4 exclusive and is scheduled for release sometime this year. What did you think of the developer diary video?

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