Orbit’s Odyssey Now Available on Mobile Devices

Orbit’s Odyssey Now Available on Mobile Devices

Developer Paperkyte has announced that Orbit’s Odyssey has launched for mobile devices on the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon Appstore.

Developed by a talented team that includes brothers Prashanth Shantharam and Pramod Modi Shantharam — who are also behind Bay Area animation house, Aatma — Orbit’s Odyssey features astonishing visuals, accelerometer-driven parallax scrolling, memorable music/sound effects, and an innovative “planet portal” mechanic:

* Use a single finger to make Orbit run across the planet’s surface while carefully avoiding robot monsters
* Skillfully travel through planet portals to collect coins and Gemstones
* Test your skills — dodging monsters and strategizing at the same time!

Teleport from hemisphere to hemisphere to beat each level within the allotted time. Visit unique planets and satellites, some with their own gravitational spin — making it even trickier to get away from evil robot monsters. Discover dual planets with portals that transport Orbit from one planet to the next as you figure out ever more complex patterns. Collect coins and gems to advance, and unlock four extra characters — including the aptly named “Cookie”! You must quickly determine each planet’s spacetime oddities to avoid getting hit by enemies; otherwise, you’re in for a shocking surprise…

Orbit’s Odyssey Now Available on Mobile Devices

Orbit’s Odyssey BACKSTORY

On the other side of the sun, a peaceful planet known as Planet X thrives … until the fateful day parasitic robotic space zombies (PRSZs) mount their attack. Hungry for power and endless energy, the PRSZs target the peaceful planet’s core — which is made up of Gemstones so potent that even the smallest shard can provide enough power for generations. The link between the powerful core and the planet’s life force is severed as the PRSZs harvest the gems — leaving Planet X doomed to a future of darkness … unless the most unlikely of heroes, a tiny space traveler named Orbit, can save it.

Prashanth Shantharam (co-founder and business chief, paperkyte):

“We wanted to create a game that appealed to avid and casual gamers alike. We at paperkyte strongly believe in enriching lives through games, and we feel that Orbit’s Odyssey is positioned to make a difference to all player demographics across the globe.”

Pramod Modi Shantharam (co-founder and creative chief, paperkyte):

Orbit’s Odyssey was meant to be an immersive experience from the get-go! The game is truly unique, and it perfectly blends skill and strategy. One way we achieved this was to create characters, planets and all props in 3D and the backgrounds in 2D with a subtle parallax effect. We were fortunate to have our sister company, Aatma Studio (which has tons of experience in 3D content), help to ensure that all assets were meticulously crafted in 3D — with each texture (both diffuse and normal maps) painted at 4K. The result is a stunning, detailed look unlike anything else on mobile.”

Orbit’s Odyssey Now Available on Mobile Devices

Orbit’s Odyssey KEY FEATURES

  • Experience a skillful mix of stunning graphics and innovative portal mechanics
  • Meet 5 compelling characters and face terrifying robot monsters
  • Explore 90 challenging levels featuring a huge variety of puzzles
  • Traverse planets using innovative “orbital” navigation for more compelling puzzle-solving action
  • Earn up to 100 stars in each level; collect coins and precious gems as fast as you can to unlock new characters
  • Solve puzzles that play with the concept of space and time
  • Control your character using a single button; no swiping required!

Watch the Orbit’s Odyssey Gameplay Trailer:

Orbit’s Odyssey is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore for only $2.99.

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