ORBITOR at PAX Prime, Screenshots and Trailer

While at PAX Prime this week, Gaming Cypher has met with developer Evil Aliens to take a look at ORBITOR.

ORBITOR at PAX Prime, Screenshots and Trailer

Visual Style

The game has a broad visual appeal and is a good example of the rich visual quality that the Unity engine can deliver.

Key Features

  • Super high quality graphics and audio
  • Seamless transitions between menus and levels ensuring uninterrupted gameplay
  • A constantly expanding immersive story that is described through exploration of a nebular system
  • Unique gameplay mechanics
  • True skill based gameplay and achievements
  • Dynamic, player driven game mechanics meaning levels are almost impossible to complete the same way twice
  • Open level selection menus giving choice for progression
  • Multi-version levels for re-playability
  • Evolving game content delivered via updates and DLC directly affected by the ORBITOR community


The developer aims to release a gameplay web demo on and post ongoing gameplay videos and dev blogs on social media sites. This will be followed by a closed beta and then a public BETA. The game will be released using an initial “core” purchase + free DLC model. We wish to include our community as much as possible in the game’s development and future content decisions. Sound design and Music Sound and music is created all in house, by Dale Ward, one of the founders of Evil Aliens. The music is written and produced specifically for ORBITOR and has an uplifting and inspirational vibe.

Take a look at the new screenshots:


Here is the game trailer:

What did you think?

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