Orbit Headed Soon to Xbox One, Video

Developer 4Bit Games has announced that Orbit is coming soon to Xbox One. The game is currently on Steam Greenlight.

Orbit is a twin-stick couch game where you fight against your buddies in an epic interplanetary rocketbattle. Use special abilities like shields and teleportation to defeat the enemy, and level up between the fights as the madness intensifies! Maneuver your ship between planets at breakneck speeds and take gravity into account as you crush your competitors in this awesome game!

Orbit Headed Soon to Xbox One, Video

A play session consists of a set number of games, where the players duke it out in a big selection of game modes like “Capture the ORBIT”, or “Deathmatch”. If you are up for a challenge, “Chaos” mode warps black holes, suns and asteroids your way, as you franticly try to best your foes. Beween the many gamemodes you encounter, you level up your ship in a tech-tree with many options and paths.

Each play session lasts anywhere between 5-40 minutes, but if you are more of the pick up and go type, we have modes for you too! In the custom game mode the player will have full controll of the battlefield! Choose the mode of the game, the orbitals on your map and the length of the matches.

Game features:

  • Crazy local multiplayer for 2-4 players
  • Multiplayer modes ensure maximum crazyfactor
  • Play the game with gamepad/controller or keyboard and mouse
  • Randomly generated maps creates a fresh experience every game
  • Awesome persistant upgrade paths for PvP play
  • An arsenal of powerups designed for fun action
  • Super hot, particle infused graphics
  • Incredible soundtrack by Wierzs

Source: Xbox