Omnis – The Erias Line Has Two Weeks Left on Kickstarter

Omnis – The Erias Line Has Two Weeks Left on Kickstarter

NEWCASTLE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 7th, 2015 – Elyn Studios silently launched their Kickstarter project about OMNIS – The Erias Line on Aug 24th. You can now play a 3-hour demo of their truly atmospheric JRPG for free.

Omnis – The Erias Line is a story-focused, 2D RPG, blending the spirit and mechanics of a JRPG with the darker, grittier themes and settings of western fantasy, sci-fi and new-weird fiction. Inspired by music and literature as well as by classics of the genre, Omnis’ story surrounds a fight for lesser evils, where pure heroism is impossible, disturbing choices must be made for the greater good and painful sacrifices cannot be escaped.

Players sculpt their own experience of the game’s story and determine their own path from its beginning to its ending. Omnis features the “Dynamic Arc System” – a simple mechanic by which the story flexibly responds to the player’s choices, but always retains strong narrative focus. A huge range of the player’s actions from dialogue options chosen to key items found – influence how character relationships develop and how major scenes and events play out. Omnis also contains a huge amount of optional and variable content, lore, secrets and sidequests, adding incredible extra depth to the game’s world and cast for the player to explore at will.

The “Internal World” system further expands the responsiveness and flexibility of the narrative by allowing players to enter the subconscious of each character and customise their personalities by interacting with their memories and thoughts. Players will also use the Internal World to develop their characters’ skills by designing new attacks and abilities for them to learn.

The “Formation Battle System” adds a new level of strategy to the familiar turn-based formula and allows the player to customise their tactics based on a preferred setup, playing style, the challenge being faced or all/any of the above.


  • Dynamic Arc System – Influence the game world with your decisions and actions
  • Variable Content – Deepen the narrative hidden throughout Verdamm City
  • Internal World – Explore each of the characters thoughts and feelings
  • Formation System – Adding a strategic element to traditional battling
  • Fully Realised World – Discover the history and lore of Erias

Here is the Kickstarter campaign trailer:

You can help support Omnis – The Erias Line right now on Kickstarter.

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