Oldspice Youland Video Game Customized for You

Oldspice Youland Video Game Customized for You

Old Spice Youland (https://www.youroldspicegame.com/) is now available to play. It’s an original video game customized for every single person who plays it. By connecting to Facebook Connect, your face gets video game-ized , making you the hero of three totally different games, each with their own mechanics and story lines, pretty much guaranteeing that Old Spice Youland is the best game about you that’s ever been made.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Your friends become your allies and enemies. Even your location, age, interests, and workplace change aspect s of the game to make it completely unique for you.

Old Spice Youland Features:

  • Youland is made up of 3 different games, each inspired by an Old Spice product. Within each game there are 3 levels to complete.
  • Youland features Old Spice products from the NEW Hardest Working Collection including: Tougher Timber, Lasting Legend and Strong Swagger.
  • Youland is an original video game that customizes itself for every single person who plays it. Up to 12 of your friends can also be used to fill out the supporting cast of the game.
  • Youland features an original soundtrack
  • Youland features cameos from Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa, AKA The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

Watch the Old Spice Youland An Old Spice Video Game About You Trailer:

You can start playing Old Spice Youland here right now.