Old School Musical Closed Beta Has Begun

Old School Musical Closed Beta Has Begun

Studio La Moutarde invites the community to join the beta testers of its retro rythm game

Montpellier – December 14th, 2015 – La Moutarde studio and The Sidekicks proudly announce the begining of the closed beta for Old School Musical, a tribute to video game history and chiptune soundtracks.

Since this weekend, the studio started to give away invitations on the official Facebook page. The objective is to refine a first public demo of the game that will be released in early 2016 with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign. Players can unlock up to four exclusive levels, each inspired by a famous video game.

Old School Musical is a rhythm game built as a journey through video game history. The players will discover a new kind of musical game offering hectic and challenging levels. They will follow Tib and Rob who are seeking video game worlds for the source of all bugs. The final game will offer more than 20 original levels, a scripted story mode, mini-games and more.

François Bertrand, founder of the studio La Moutarde stated,

“We had a huge success in every events we attended and now our community asks us daily for an early beta. We planned it carefuly and we are now able to invite people in. This beta stage is very important to us. We expect a lot of feedbacks so we can match all the players expectations about Old School Musical. Come and join us!”

Here is the Old School Musical teaser trailer:

Old School Musical will be available in 2016 for PC.