OIL ENTERPRISE the Prospection is Completed & the Drill Bit is in Position

OIL ENTERPRISE the Prospection is Completed & the Drill Bit is in Position

Moenchengladbach/Germany, April 14, 2016 – The prospection is completed, the drill bit is in place, the feed pump is ready – from April 20th, 2016 the “black gold” will be extracted by astragon. And, as the title already implies, this “black gold” is the center of attention in the upcoming game Oil Enterprise.

Players can prepare for a steep career from ambitious small-scale entrepreneur to globally operating oil magnate, in spite of that the drive to your local petrol station has almost become enjoyable again, the global business with the black gold remains very lucrative. But in order to be successful – at least virtual – in this multimillion dollar business it needs tactical planning abilities and here and there a little bit of courage beside economical skills.

Starting with some test drilling on a rather manageable oil field with just a few resources, the player will later on need to erect oil pumps, refineries, warehouses and logistics buildings. Later, the budding businessman will also need facilities for maintenance and the security of his premises.

All types of buildings come in different grades of efficiency and therefore with varied costs and construction times. In order to keep the production running smoothly all capacities of the different operating areas should be carefully coordinated and upgrades planned ahead of time.

And so the player will go on to develop a total of 90 oil fields in 15 extraction areas as the game progresses.

Additionally to the dynamic day-to-day business on the free market, long-term supply-contracts will guarantee the survival and growth of the virtual business. Failure to fulfill those obligations however will result in a loss of reputation, which will in turn mean losing out on potentially lucrative contracts.

No matter whether it is in the 20 missions of the varied single-player campaign or the challenging free game mode – only those who will consider their actions wisely and act strategically smart will be able to lead their business to success and a top-tier position in the global market. Especially thrilling in this regard will be the multiplayer mode of the game, where the player can compete with up to five rivals.

Here is the official Oil Enterprise video:

Oil Enterprise is suitable for beginners and pros alike and will be available starting April 20, 2016 for 19.99 USD / 19.99 Euro / 18.99 GBP (RRP).

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