OFF THE CHARTS Mobile Game Introduces Players to Fast-paced World of Stock Trading

OFF THE CHARTS Mobile Game Introduces Players to Fast-paced World of Stock Trading

NEWTON, Mass., April 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Stock markets are about to get a lot less confusing, thanks to a new mobile game from app development studio Appidemix LLC. With the launch of Off the Charts, Appidemix will introduce the world to a powerful new tool for learning how markets work – and how to apply that knowledge toward earning money. The app is available now for all Apple devices; for more information, visit here.

“Stock trading offers an opportunity to protect and build wealth that too few people take advantage of,” explains Appidemix CEO Max Goldberg. “Off the Charts is a safe way to learn about buying and selling stocks that’s appropriate for all ages and skill levels. We want everyone to have a good time, or course, but also to learn something important in the process.”

Off the Charts starts players off with a set amount of virtual money. Players can then buy or sell stocks of any publicly traded company – all based on real-time market prices from the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Appidemix has integrated a social aspect into the design of Off the Charts. Players can join a league to compete with anyone in the world. Alternatively, players can create their own league and invite friends for some good-natured competition. Climbing up or down league rankings all comes down to trading performance. The highest-ranking players in every league earn a seat on the “Board of Directors,” which gives power to make certain decisions affecting the league.

Off the Charts incorporates all the best design practices as part of ensuring a rewarding user experience. The user interface is clean and intuitive, and the game’s functionality takes advantage of everything the iOS platform has to offer.

For Goldberg and Appidemix Co-founder Nick McCarthy, Off the Charts represents their most ambitious project yet. Last year, they created Spin the Circle and Collider. Although still in high school, Goldberg and McCarthy have already displayed tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. The mobile gaming industry should take note of what Appidemix does next.

To that end, the Appidemix team has more games in the pipeline, each one building on the fun, educational philosophy behind Off the Charts. The company’s vision is to create an entire portfolio of mobile apps and games that enrich people’s lives and simplify complex tasks.

Here is the official Off the Charts video:

About Appidemix LLC

Founded in January 2016 by high school students Max Goldberg and Nick McCarthy, Appidemix develops mobiles games with an educational purpose.