Odallus: The Dark Call Veteran Mode Now Available


Odallus: The Dark Call Veteran Mode Now Available

After months of polish, balance and testing, developer JoyMasher is happy to present you to Odallus’s Veteran Mode. This mode becomes available as soon as the player beats the game once and presents a new challenge for more seasoned players. Nothing is as it seems and relics and enemies are not in the same places as they used to be. This mode also introduces new foes.

Veteran Mode is completely free for all Odallus players, and is available as an update right now. All you have to do after updating Odallus through Steam, GOG or Humble Store, is to beat the game once and create a new save.

If you beat Veteran Mode, you will get a secret new skin for Haggis.

Together with the free Veteran Mode, JoyMasher is making three skins available as DLC. Red Gargoyle, Royal Knight and Vampire Hunter are a Haggis-alternative for players willing to honor the known heroes of the past. They are $0.99 each.

Odallus: The Dark Call is available for PC on Steam.

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