Odallus: The Dark Call Release Date Announced


Odallus: The Dark Call Release Date Announced

Developer JoyMasher has announced that classic exploration/action game, Odallus: The Dark Call, will release July 15.

At the break of dawn today, JoyMasher released Odallus beta to all Indiegogo backers through Steam. This beta has Multi-language support (only 1 for now, more coming soon!), New in-game dialogs Global leaderboards, All levels and bosses, and complete Various bug fixes There is a final boss now and he is beatable. Cutscenes and more languages are coming on the next updates. Odallus’ complete build is close now.


  • Eight levels open to exploration
  • Huge bosses
  • Sharp controls
  • Rad 8-bit graphics
  • Thrilling atmosphere
  • Veteran mode (coming after release)
  • Two endings
  • 4+ hours of gameplay
  • 50+ types of enemies


Odallus started as a small project back in January 2013. After releasing Oniken, the developer decided to play with some prototypes of different gameplays and test how they felt. Odallus stood up as different approach from Oniken in the platform genre, with slower gameplay and alinear level design. They built a demo exploring the most of what they believed to be Odallus core features and started a crowdfunding to pay their outsourcers, such as musicians. The crowdfunding was successul and, hence, Odallus full development started in the end of 2013.

Here is the release trailer:

Odallus: The Dark Call will release for PC on Steam.

Source: Press Release