Oculus Rift – 4K Resolution Headset in Development


Oculus Rift CEO, Brendan Iribe, stated that the Oculus Rift’s inventors are working on a 4K resolution headset.

Speaking with Gaming Insiders Summit in California yesterday, Iribe announced that the developer is working on new prototypes that will make motion sickness a thing of the past.

He said,

“I’ve gotten sick every time I’ve tried it. Every time until recently. In the last few weeks, I stayed in it for 45 minute sessions and I did not get sick with the new prototype. We are at the edge of bringing you no motion sickness content. We are figuring out things like simulator sickness.”

In addition, Oculus Rift Chief Technology Officer, John Carmack, confirmed that the developer kit will be available before the headset launches at retail in 2014 and will likely run on an Android-powered operating system.

Carmack said,

“The way I believe it’s going to play out is you will eventually have a head-mounted display that probably runs Android, as a standalone system, that has a system-on-a-chip that’s basically like what you have in mobile phones.”

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