NVIDIA Shield Released Today, Video


Today the much anticipated NVIDIA Shield has been released at Newegg, GameStop, Microcenter, Canada Computers and NVIDIA.

Here is what you get with the first ever high-performance gaming and entertainment portable:

  • High-powered Gaming: Powered by the world’s fastest mobile processor, NVIDIA Tegra 4, SHIELD introduces an entirely new class of portable gaming with rich, immersive graphics.
  • Gamer Controls: The console-grade controller gives gamers ultimate precision, ergonomics and feel to play over 100 controller-enabled games available on Google Play.
  • Stunning Visuals and Sound: SHIELD has a stunning 5-inch HD retinal touchscreen. Combined with the custom-tuned, bass reflex audio system that powers deep, rich sound never before experienced on a handheld device.
  • 100% Android: SHIELD comes with the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system — for instant access to hundreds of thousands of great apps and games.
  • PC Gaming Made Portable: With PC Streaming BETA you can experience the performance of GeForce GTX gaming on SHIELD — from any room in the house.
  • Play in New Ways: Game, tweet, fly a Parrot AR.Drone or drive a Sphero ball — SHIELD lets you do all the things you want, and even some things you never thought possible.

Below is the NVIDIA SHIELD Showcase – The Unboxing Video:

Will you be getting one?