Nutaku’s Girls on Tanks Review for PC

Nutaku's Girls on Tanks Review for PC

[This game is NSFW.]

Girls on Tanks is a turn based strategy game perhaps a little unique to anything you have previously played because it features explicit adult content. In case you are unfamiliar with the game, Girls on Tanks is a hentai game. The game is currently only playable by browser at which features other hentai games with different game styles. The turn based strategy element is what makes Girls on Tanks different than its counterparts.

Nutaku's Girls on Tanks Review for PC

The scenario is simple enough. You are the last man on earth and have been sent to take charge of a woman led military. These women have not seen a man in their lives or at least a very long time. It is never really explained what happened to the other men, but needless to say you have their attention.

Nutaku's Girls on Tanks Review for PC

As for gameplay, there are several levels in about five sections of the map. Each level features a different goal such as outlasting or destroying all enemies in that area. There are several different vehicles and combat units with their own strengths and weaknesses that can be utilized per each level, although you are not given the choice in which vehicles you have available. I felt that it was enjoyable learning how to manage all the various units and thought it was notable that enemies you attack instantly return fire on top of damage they will do during their own turn.

At the end of each level, you are given a score based on speed, strength, and technique. You also receive trading cards that match each military personnel you have on your team. These are ranked from common to epic. Each duplicate boosts your girls’ levels. Once they level up, you unlock an explicit scene that may feature interactive elements. These scenes are still photographs or animated sequences with sound. The still photos become less censored with each level.

Nutaku's Girls on Tanks Review for PC

While the premise is interesting and the strategy does feel challenging, I did find some issues within the game. The tutorial was several levels too long and could have been condensed. The hentai aspect seemed secondary at times and I felt it could’ve had more content. The repetitive pictures did not really make the unlocked scenes too exciting since it was ultimately just reading new text. Unfortunately, the localization team also seemed to have some trouble and several grammatical and spelling errors were distracting.

Nutaku's Girls on Tanks Review for PC

The positives were that this does seem to be a unique game style for TBS and the special abilities each girl has are incredibly useful and add a lot of gameplay value when coming up with strategies to defeat more difficult levels. The card system also created an element of luck, which is always enjoyable. There was also a variety of explicit text content, which adds value to fans of this genre. I think that the developers did a good job of making sure the actual gameplay was fun and challenging. Overall, hentai and TBS fans may find enjoyment in this game.

Rate: 6.5/10

System Requirements:

⦁ Platform: PC/ MAC
⦁ OS: Window 7 (or later) / Mac OS X 10.9 (or later) / Linux
⦁ Internet Browser: Google Chrome 49 (or later) / Mozilla Firefox 50 (or later) / Internet Explorer 11 (or later) / Edge 14 (or later) / Safari 10 (or later) / Opera 42 (or later)

You can play Girls on Tanks right here.