Nom Nom Galaxy Huge New Update Details

Developer Q-Games, Ltd. has announced that Nom Nom Galaxy has received a huge new update as well as a new Steam Early Access price.


The Nom Nom Galaxy team released the largest update for Nom Nom Galaxy since first going into Early Access on Steam a year ago. At the beginning of the year with no further shows prepare for, the developer went into full dev mode along with our partners at Double Eleven. They have merged feedback from the community and press, along with their own internal wish lists. This update is the culmination of marathon design sessions, heated debates, and caffeine-fueled coding.

The latest version includes:

  • New Campaign mode, Corporate Conquest
  • Challenging planets with additional mission types
  • Much requested free-play mode
  • A host of optimizations to improve gameplay on a variety of systems
  • Automate soup production with new robots and improvements to existing ones
  • Customize your factory with new base parts, expand with your empire with warp gates
  • New research system and upgrades
  • Shoryuken! New combat moves for Astroworkers
  • Spacy gum that modifies Astroworker abilities
  • New Astropin collection system that tracks and rewards player activities

With so many new additions, Nom Nom Galaxy is closer to the vision of Q-Games and the community, and the quality that you’ve come to expect from the PixelJunk series. Because the developer wants to give everyone a chance to dig in and give feedback, they have lowered the price to $9.99 for the remainder of Early Access.

This update is just the beginning; online co-op, Challenge mode, and Steam features like Trading Cards, Leaderboards, and Achievements are in the factory pipeline.

Source: Press Release