No Time To Explain New Multiplayer Trailer by tinyBuild Games

No Time To Explain New Multiplayer Trailer by tinyBuild Games

The remastered version of No Time to Explain by tinyBuild Games finally launches on Xbox One next week on July 17, built from the ground up on the Unity engine, and featuring a ton of new bits and bobs that weren’t in the original release, including:
  • Up to four player local multiplayer!
  • Tons of new characters!
  • Dozens of hidden secrets to be found!
  • Better boss battles!
  • A dance button!

To celebrate, the developer has released a new trailer showing off how the multiplayer works. Take a look:

No Time To Explain is the first ever ID@XBox game to get both pre-orders and a 30-minute demo. You can check the demo right now on your Xbox One.

Also, everyone who bought the original game on Steam (which is no longer available for sale) will get No Time To Explain Remastered, which is almost the same game as the Xbox One version.

Best part? They’ll get it for free. The developer is giving away the Remastered version of No Time To Explain on Steam for free to everyone who bought the original. This is their way of saying THANK YOU to everyone who supported them from the beginning.

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