No Time to Explain Now Available for PS4

No Time to Explain Now Available for PS4

No Time to Explain was the first ever game from tinyBuild Games. It was the game that brought the company together, and funded the first foray into the world of publishing.

Almost exactly five years ago, the developer launched the game on Kickstarter. This was pre-Double Fine Adventure, when making any money at all on Kickstarter was deemed a great success, and they were one of these first Kickstarter video game successes.

No Time To Explain is a game about shooting the ground, putting on weight and setting your body on fire. Blast yourself through time and alternate realities to rescue your future-self from a giant crab sent by your evil time-twin from another dimension! Add up to three friends to join during the adventure.

Watch the No Time to Explain PS4 trailer:

No Time to Explain is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).

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